Help Yunus City map which Twin European Capitals are in top 30 valuing millennials livelihoods and ending poverty - and linkin worldwide eg AtlantaNov 2015


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The UN has named 2015 greatest change year ever
World Bank Jim Kim values millennials according to practice social movements needed to put the world back on sustainability track by 2030 partners in publishing world record book of job creation washingin dc region phone usa 1 - 301 881 1655 Yunus facebook fans adviser women4empowerment  Yunus10000 dvd-youth club since 2008- co-founder journal of social business - what will worldclassbrands be in valuing millennials age of 5 billion people elearning satellites and world bankk tedx MOOCyUNus and open learning campus

yunus millennisl observers cites include  YunusChina  GrameenAmericas  GrameenAsia  JapanYunus

One of France's greatest supporters of Yunus (origin of Yunus MOvie) Vivial moves to Noew Orleans and launches Obama Mama

Dr Yunus and the women of Grameen appear in the documentary on the amazing life of Pres. Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, Pioneer in Microcredit. Please help spread the word!
Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Feminism, Education... See the film about Pres. Obama's mother, Ann Dunham's life as a Pioneer in Poverty Alleviation and Microcredit in NYC Sat Jan 10th : - Tickets are now on sale for Obama Mama - Best of ADIFF 2015!

Obama Mama - Best of ADIFF 2015

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Does Everything Net Genration Can be Depend on Rome- its peace laureates social action movements and the Pope Vlaultaion of Service to Society

where do youth go to linkin to 

 Pope's futures Malalas futures Yunus's Futures Mandelas Fytyre Legacy Gorbachev Futures Walesa's Futures Satyarthi's futures Dalai Lama's Futures            


Nobel Peace Prize Lectures

Kailash Satyarthi, photo: Arvind Sharma © Nobel Media 2014. Malala Yousafzai, photo: Claude Truong-Ngoc/Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 10 December, 12:50-2:40 p.m. CET

Information about Kailash Satyarthi's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
Information about Malala Yousafzai's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
More information about the prize


  1. Nobel summit relocates to Rome

    BDlive-Nov 16, 2014
    by Agency staff, 2014-11-16 14:12:52.0 ... summit will be hosted by the city of Rome at the invitation of mayor Ignazio Marino betweenDecember 12th to 14th.".
    Nobel Peace Summit moved to Rome
    Eyewitness News-Nov 17, 2014
    Nobel summit moved to Rome
    Mail & Guardian Online-Nov 16, 2014
    Nobel Peace Laureates Summit relocates to Rome
    International-Wanted in Rome-Nov 17, 2014
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we first started publishing the good hub guide in 2007 -our model was a bit like the consumers association good food guide - we wanted potential customers to report how collaborative hubs really were - the difference was -we didnt know then and dont know now - whether most economic hubs are virtual or real- it also seems that it depends how many you aim to collaboratively scale . For example if you can afford to plant 100000 like Mhammad Yunus achieved with TheGrameenBank in Bangladesh then you start with real places - the poorest villages in the world to be your social labs- then you invite all the most massively resourced technologists to come visit and linkin to solving one of human sustainability's biggest challenges
yunus world hubs for youth's 3 billion jobs search   

co-published by NormanMacrae Family Foundation projects

Norman Macrae Foundation & NMfound education and journalism projects since 2008; a NM found leadership valuation project since 1988

5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 N.Bethesda MD 20852Tel 301 881 1655 email

Part of EU Transcripts - on social business- last chance to save youth economies of europe  -

yunus speech nov 2011 brussels  Jean-Daniel Muller- 900/2 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generationFREEMARKET Role - Social Business can revalue sport's contribution to communities and pro-youth economies 

What would world miss without Jean-Daniel Muller?

JDM is founder of . He acts as open network coordinator of how sportsmen who didn't quite become superstars  can co-create jobs for themselves and turn youth's passion for sports into community impacts worldwide. See for news of up to 27 international extensions of network's French origin. View[i] video from 2011 EU social business summit -fellow speakers include : Yunus and the connections he sees with celebrating youthful stars born at social business competitions

Part of JDM video

Thank you Commissioner Barnier for asking us to be an example of European Social Business. Siel Bleu started 14 years ago in Strasbourg - my friends and I were finishing our studies - our problem we were going to become sports teachers - but there were 45000 students who wanted to teach sports but only 5% who end up doing soSo we decided to look at how to involve elderly in sports training whom nobody else seemed interested in - things require structure so we formed an association to make service available to everyone both hi and low income. At start everybody though us mad- getting people in retirement homes involved in sports impossible - so we decided we would do itWe were helped at local level by regional council 6 months funding for 12 retirement homes after which we'd need to be sustainable with our customers. -6 months down road: 11 establishments said must continue; in the other that had a budget problem, the old people went on strike demanding we continue! Fast forward: today we've created 300 jobs in France for sports for elderly reaching about 70000 peopleAnd we have passed on franchise to other European countries. We're getting services to the people so physical activity is part of everyday life of the elderly in Ireland, Spain, Belgium-. Yes each country has had to have a different association structure - limited liability company in Ireland - foundation in Spain etc. But important thing is to get same service to same target group. We have built a database on 3000 exercises that can help with particular illnesses, More and more customer networks for sports coaching are evolving as our demands to share networks in 27 countries::cancer : working with Marie Curie - all kinds of scientific studies show you can reduce cancer recurrence by up to 50% if you get involved in exercise. 60 billion Euro Opportunity across EU: crisis/funding cases - study conducted recently across 4 European countries on diabetes and prevention of fractures - shows that if you do regular physical activities - you can save 60 billion euros from annual health budgets we now have

Important to find people who share our values and see the end beneficiary as most important, Commitment is our main reward . We celebrate the service view that the best kind of person is one who can be of use to maximum number of people

Norman Macrae Foundation: relevant next actions   Since Lord Seb Coe made his Singapore Promise in 2005, we have wanted to see consequence of London Olympics as freeing BBC (and any public media) to celebrate what youth superstars can inspire all the way down to communities and not just at moments of Olympic glory. The role of the BBC as the world's largest social business - can be freed if opinion leaders at like Chris Patten, Danny Boyle and Seb Coe act now to help youth fully value the future of heroines and heroes. Liberating entrepreneurial dialogues on this: Paris (2010) film-makers and Yunus and Youth hosted  by at Grand Rex  

Part of Yunus video

if you want to design new structure , an idea is: young people and education and reorienting system so entrepreneurship is central to the system, Help students to see they can be job givers as social business entrepreneurs, not just job seekers from businessesMore specifically why couldn't all schools explain 2 kinds of entrepreneurship -to make money, OR to change the world ... and you can also do both but only if youth know its ok to celebrate entrepreneurs who change the world---more specifically why dont we have 2 kinds of business school curricula:MBA that specialise in extracting profits, making money in short-termSocialMBA preparing for how to solve problems through businesses. Study Social Business - all technicalities and measuring impact of social business- where the ceo will be asked how much impact made this year made, and how much more impact next year on the specific goal the SB is designed aroundAnother way to energise youth is through Social Business competitions design. Why not an EU championship: each country will identify their own champion designers and eu can help transfer and service franchises knowhow between country championsOnce you can design then you can implement- designing is most important issue; here we are not seeking money from EU. its recognition youth need. And encouragement by removal of legal barriers so citizens can come up with their own innovations. The issue is how convinced are citizens by EU that its OK for they the citizens -and the communities - to find ways to solve problems. Does the EU agree that government is not only entity involved in creating solutions to life-shaping service problemsThe student SB competition is the vehicle, then once you have seen winning designs - and the passionate commitment of youth - you can create funds .If somebody has great idea its funding can be local, private, created by foundation, or gov. There is also so much Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) money that goes out promoting something - why not encourage companies to put some of their CSR money into funds- eg Credit Agricole is in process of establishing SB fund.

Promoting social entrepreneurship in Europe
18 November 2011, Brussles
Paul Adamson, Editor-in-Chief of E!Sharp
Opening remarks:
Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market & Services
Opening keynote speech by the Polish Presidency:
Grażyna Henclewska,Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy
Session 1: How to make entrepreneurship work with social innovation?
Keynote speech: Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Nobel Peace Prize 2006
Paul Adamson, Editor-in-Chief of E!Sharp
Questions & Answers
Session 2: How to design an appropriate financial framework for social entrepreneurship in the European Union?
Keynote speech: Ole Sohn, Minister for Business and Growth of Denmark
Questions & Answers
Keynote speech: José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
Session 3: How to promote social entrepreneurship, ensure better capacity building and fosterentrepreneurs’ education?
Introduction: Amid Faljaoui, Director of magazines at Roularta Media Group
Keynote speech: Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society of the United Kingdom
Questions & Answers
Session 4: How to develop an adequate regulatory & economic framework for socially-driven ventures?
Introduction: Amid Faljaoui, Director of magazines at Roularta Media Group
Keynote speech: Jaloul Ayed, Minister for Finance of Tunsisia

Intro Leadership Quests by Nation:



  • France 1 2 3 4
  • Belgium 1 2
  • UK 1 2
  • Scotland 1 2
  • Spain 1
  • Germany 1
  • Austria 1

 queries welcomed click pics below to download




 . Getting real  in 2012 about segmenting countries jobs: Germany needs to understand the advantages of being different from the rest of Europe not force what makes it economical on others; it also needs to get real about inviting other europeean nations to reduce their spends on defence while increasing its. UK needs to demand that those who help promote the olympics reduce spends on ads (the least economical media and collaborate in job creating media); it also needs to take Sir Ronald Cohen's lead in demonstrating how 100 billion dolars of charitable assets can actionably invest in youth now instead of maintain ivory towers. Spain needs to be led by Queen Sofia's love of youth job creation not politicians cutting investments in youth; Belgium as epicentre of the drive to m needs to join in partnerships which involve youth in searching out which social solutions to produce in which communities; France (with europe's portals to how microcredit and global partnering in sustainability) and scotland (with a love of nurses and girl power and journals search to renew community through celebrating social action: service by the people for the people ) can help belgium> Moreover, the dna of entrepreneurial revolution began with these auld allies in late 18th century and has been joyously renewed by these countries partnerships with dr yunus over the last 7 years. Austria can be an interesting mediator of potential conflicts between all of the above .

Which nations and capitals aropund Europe come top in helping make 2010s most exciting decade - rsvp - we begin our reporting in spain :

Spain is becoming  very important area for dr yunus and all youth's social business networks connecting round his vision to make 2010s most exciting decade whether your decade's main  race is to poverty museums or job creation for your children;

WHERE THE PEOPLES CAPITALISM BLOSSOMING one reason why spain is so influential is queen sofia has always been the number 1 royal supporter of dr yunus; spanish speaking countries and africa have a southern hemisphere alliance personally brokered by queen sofia who celebrated the extraoridnary advance for world banks for youth that kenya has mobilised through this year's  

The unacknowledged giant

The unacknowledged giantAdd to Playlist

moreover if my (dad's ) analysis of the collapsing Euro is correct,  continued ....  

chris macrae 11 September 2010 washington DC tel (usa=1) 301 881 1655 skype isabellawm family foundations

how to save the world with banking - chap 1

how to save the world with banking - chap2

Opening Soon celebrating JUly 4 Interdependence Day with Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Prizewinner's Wake-Up Call For Banks Sky News - Ed Merrison - ‎May 27, 2010‎ Muhammad Yunus told Sky business presenter Anna Jones the financial system should be redesigned so it no longer denies low-income households a chance to ...

Yunus poised to move Grameen Scotland forward in July Social Enterprise Live - Claudia Cahalane - ‎May 26, 2010‎ Muhammad Yunus – who set up Grameen Bank to tackle poverty in Bangladesh – will take part in new talks about Grameen Scotland this July, he said last night. ...


sam I am trying to work out what little help we (2000 readers of dr yunus books) can be to the world changing agendas you are in midst of now that banks and nations are collapsing all over europe and the world


idea 1 zasheem's and yunus eldest microeconomics friends and compatriots summit in glasgow with dr yunus on july 4 will assemble every adam smithian in scotland and beyond- so who could you best nominate to give us 10 minute slide show on queen sofia's research agendas up to her world microcredist summit - is the number 1 agenda search for 50 countries to start replicating jamii bora , or is it how to stop spain collapsing as biggest country at wrong compound exponential end of euro (scotland was of course the fiurs modern day nation to lose its independence to a banking scam circa 1700 and preventing that is why adam smith mapped the hi-trust community rising free marklet designs that he did)


as well as 10 minute slides to 300 audinece in glasgow's university's most historic speakers corner, a few pages for publication of proceedings is welcomed; also zasheem's network has previously hosted a meeting around paul krugman so I assume paul (a,long with a nine year old the only other nobel prize winner to call teh subprim crsis before it burst) would be happy to get a copy of your presentaion and at teh same time we could try and revitalise a component of the princeton students microfinance club in time for next years aintake; both caitlin and lucas are intrepriod graduating economist conecrned with bailout whom I spent many hours with alst summer when I thought dr yunus 69th boirthday doalogue of sofia's was supoosed to help youth ambassadors of 09/10 start anto bailout student clubs;  obvioiusly I got the timing wrong; IO gather 2010/11 is scale up time fopr youth ambassadors to be planted acros us colleges


idea 1 a- is some part of results also connected to the 60 country entrepreneur summit process of obama; if so how do we get someone to do a 10 minute talk on that


idea 2 my understanding is jonathan has a vibrant hub in madrid; I am sure that if we knew what queen sofia's resarch agenda is we could both make sure that there is at least one hot desk in madrid trying to be like a newspaper correspondent to what news and info is being gravitated around queen sofia as she both gtries to end poverty and end meltdlown of spanish peoples financial services around the world; and equally across jonathans hubs we can identify spanish speaking people interested in being linked in


3... help anyone what else?


chris  microeconomics fans web

skype isabellawm - association of family foundations 

ps sam =back in dc from thursday - if meeting in princeton or dc helps to explain how glasgow has spent 20 years preparing to help dr yunus, please tell me



2009 drafts of how to save the world by banking and other system maps and writings in the 10 times more economical series are asserted as an open property right of, youth ambassador5000, and microeconomist friends of Dr Yunus, Fazle Abed and The Bangladesh Sustainability Investment methods that have been mathematically proven and openly published for a third of a century.


You can help develop a full understanding of goodwill multiplying system designs as you read this book. Use the questions tabled below to detect the detailed human connections thread by Grameen and BRAC as the microeconomics world’s first 2 epicentres of sustainability investment. Appraise how they multiply value way above zero-sum by

· connecting trust-flows round life critical knowledge,

· transparent mapping of who gets and communally invests what through time

system designs which sustain compound future benefits for all people their purposeful (free market) exchange integrates. Our last chapter will compare notes to questions like these.


  MICRODIALOGUES - education 1 .. peoples economics 1 2 ... MICROmedia 1

Currently this web's number 1 purpose is to explore maps made by Europeans: - of Grameen, and of what the British Broadcasting Corporation has called the Bangladeshi sustainability investment method and the most published 20th century leaders' writer at The Economist wished the network age would connects as microeconomics hi-trust way ahead.

RSVP to nominate any contenders to this most interesting map being used out of Berlin in rehearsals of how to celebrate 20th anniversary of The Fall of The Wall.

69th birthday present to dr yunus

european-led dialogues on grameen : 1 2

hot news - grameen glasgow

Women in Bangladesh
Millions of women in Bangladesh have benefited from Grameen Bank

A radical form of banking pioneered in Bangladesh could be brought to Scotland to help people out of poverty. But legal uncertainty may scupper the plans by Professor Muhammad Yunus to offer small business loans to people without collateral. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist fears the benefits system could stop the Grameen Bank coming to Glasgow.

A documentary, Scotland's Brand New Bank will be broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday 7 July at 2235 BST.

The Department of Work and Pensions has not been able to say what would happen to claimants' welfare payments if they took out a loan.

Mr Yunus started the micro-finance revolution in Bangladesh with a loan of $27 in 1976 - since then his Grameen Bank expanded to 38 countries and become a global success story. Run entirely for the benefit of its customers and with executives that neither own shares nor earn bonuses, the Grameen Bank claims to be able to serve the unbankable and offer real hope to the needy. Mr Yunus said: "We lend money to the poorest people, poorest women in Bangladesh. No collateral, no guarantee, no lawyers, and it works." Poverty has been cut in Bangladesh with these tiny business loans to millions of poor women who support each other in groups of five. Repayment rates are more than 98% and bankers visit borrowers every single week - by bicycle.

Grameen Glasgow will be based in a community-run centre in the Sighthill area of the city, where more than 59% of children live in workless households with up to four generations unemployed. There are plenty of ideas there already from women keen to take out loans. For example, Maureen McBain wants to start a café. She said: "I'd need my pots, my pans, my dishes. Also I'd have to take a food hygiene course which I'm quite looking forward to."

But the biggest hurdle for Grameen Glasgow could prove to be the welfare system, which Frank Field MP said is designed to stop people striking out on their own.

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Professor Yunus is worried the benefits system may cause problems

The former Minister of Welfare Reform told BBC Scotland: "We're not supporting people who are trying to succeed, we only reward people if they don't try. That's a wicked, wicked system." Nobody at the Department of Work and Pensions has been able to explain what flexibility - if any - might be available for Grameen borrowers.

Mr Yunus said: "The problem we try to avoid is welfare and I don't think we can avoid it in Glasgow. We are not worried about the cultural part of it, because we always create a counter culture. "Our problem is the legal issue. Does the law also allow someone to take a loan when you are still in welfare?" He added: "If it works in every single country, why can't it work in Glasgow, why can't it work in Scotland?"

The professor is a founding member of the Magnus Magnusson Fellowship, set up by Glasgow Caledonian University in honour the writer and broadcaster to award scholarships for students or researchers.

Pamela Gillies, principal and vice-chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University, is working with Grameen and interested Sighthill residents on the launch of the bank in Scotland. She said: "We have some of the worst health inequalities in the developed world. "A large number of people on disability allowance, we have a very large proportion of the population who are unemployed and are seeking work and so all of these things coming together means that we have a huge amount of talent and resource." She added: "This model is an opportunity to give them practically real cash and real hope."

Social Investment Scotland Chairman Ray Perman said it was considering channelling substantial amounts of Scottish government money into the new bank as start-up capital. "I think if we can somehow enthuse people with the vision of getting over this terrible problem we've had for three decades now, of eradicating poverty and under-achievement in Glasgow we could make it work," he said. "People would come to that cause and try it and let's face it, until now things have not worked, so trying something new, even something new coming from Bangladesh, has to be worth a shot."


BBC reports on future capitalism tour arranged as a week long 69th birthday celebration dialogue of how worldwide social business networkers can support Muhammad Yunus' Human Race towards poverty museums. Tour inquiries: Yes We Can journalist bureau, washington DC, usa 301 881 1655


Can we help each other on a guided tour around Grameen and Sustainability Investment Europe? chris macrae usa 1 301 881 1655 - washington dc yes we can citizens bureau

Grameen networks I know to exist : Grameen Creative Lab Berlin, Grameen Creative Lab Glasgow. It is yet unclear how the orioginal HEC-SNBA of paris fits in though all 3 got the licence to educate by first matchmaking a duture capitalism partner for Yunus

Youth partnerships: Norway - Grameen-Nobel

MicroGreen networks I know to exist : ashden awards (london) run by Lord John Sainsbury's elder daugter, patron Prince Charles, Grameen-level media relations BBC broadcaster and Polar Explorer: Paul Rose

British Council: I have met staff of BC vibrantly supporting DR Yunus celebrations in both London and Dhaka and am hopeful that BC's brilliant work in education may cross-fertilsie with Grameen and BRAC's briliant works in these areas. Leading UK youth mentor Sofia B and I started publishing world citizen gudies in education before Dr Yunus' Nobel prize - we still rank education projects at Lucknow India and out of New Zealand to China and beyond as being in the same premier league of investing in children as greatest sustainaility investment of them all

Social Business Funds I hear likely to open in 2010 link out of paris and monaco; there is also and I have visited in Dhaka the future capitalism partnerships of Paris's Danone and Veolia- they are two of the most extraordinarly lively businesses I have seen in 35 years of working on global branding.

Dont forget a swedish lass and english guy (and their 6.1 million twitter followers) whose pop music fundraised for 2 bangaldeshi replications so far or India's Aravind ten times lower cost Eye Care hospital 

There is likelihood of even more exciting German partnerships of Grameen launching in 2010- watch this space for mosquito nets breaking through the patent cost that UN charities have to pay per net, childrens nutritional pills, no shoeless child world cup -some will happen given the 100% track record so far of Grameen's chief concept implementer. 

Looking forwasd to 2011, Queen Sofia in Spain has already commited madrid as the world microcredit host and is personally involved in souther hemisphere acceleration of true microcredit knowledge having invited Ingrid Munro of Kenya's Jamii Bora and kenya microcreditsummit to meet in Madrid may 2009. I count nobody as a friend more committed to accelerating replication of true Bangaldeshi micro franchises than Vivian Norris De Montaigu whose goal of a billion person yunusmovie is still possible for 2011. You can also help link up the best ever news for sustaining humanity at

round trip bracgrameen <> grameenbrac
Q: What would our world and your humanity miss if the 3 world clss brands Bangladesh/Grameen/BRAC didn't exist?
You are one click away.

.Grameen f=friends site

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    You are here -
    ..  .Cumbria friends: Paul Rose, Impact.London: Friends Ashden: Yworldforum 7bn, YouthAmbassador5000: Mostofa, Sofia,
    .GCL Berlin .GCL Glasgow.How can we help: British Council (eg Kinnock), Prince Charles/Wales Projects : accounting, green
    ..  .Friend Queen Sofia Spain - Microcreditsummit2011.Paris-Dhaka - global epicentre fo leadesrhip club of Future Capitalism - commencement Grameen-Danone; Yunusmovie; Micious; Yunusmba
    ..  .Prince Albert Sustainability Fund. Monaco.

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    How Spain is collaborating in 2010s - youths most exciting decade

    Spain is becoming  very important area for dr yunus and all youth's social business networks connecting round his vision to make 2010s most exciting decade whether your decade's main race is to poverty museums or job creation for your children; rsvp if you have collaboration networking news on spains connections


    one reason why spain is so influential is queen sofia has always been the number 1 royal supporter of dr yunus; spanish speaking countries and africa have a southern hemisphere alliance personally brokered by queen sofia who celebrated the extraoridnary advance for world banks for youth that kenya has mobilised through this year's  

    moreover if my (dad's ) analysis of the collapsing Euro is correct, spain is now the biggest country in Europe most desperately needing yunus-type economics; it should be a great place to sign up the sorts of global partners and job creation networks yunus is looking for - queen sofia has already helped host one Barcelona meeting of yunus and corporations and universities; she is also guest host of the world microcreditsummit in spain towards end of 2011

    one of my interests is to map the league of countries round europe and beyond that is best to be a young person in for connecting the 2010s s most excitong decade - the ones where we return sustainability and job creation to everyone including mindsets of the investment world - ie the core purpose economics ought to be systemised around if I understand why free market followers of Adam Smith have worked tirelessly and joyfully for 250 years-

    2011 sees a new journal celebrating that with its editorial centre close to the principal of Glasgow University -which has a world trade interest in defining the networking economics course young people most want to study and action worldwide - as with adam smith's diffusion the entrepreneurial bonds of the auld alliaace of france and scotland have leadership roles cross Europe to play which we welome reciprocating with Free Spain  

    I cant offer much funds but I am now looking for people in spain who want to  report monthly any events for the next month (or major mjot happenings) relevant to collborating round social business world. The idea would be as good news correspondents they linkin action-news circulation with Zasheem - dr yunus and Free Bangaldesh compatriot -  who has helped make scotland one of the top 3 yunus partnering nations, and lesley in a core animator of jonathans hub network (now famous on cnn and studied as  a benchmark case on the white house's attempt to exchange microentrprenuship community grounded actions between 60 nations) here is context of my understanding of why we started this project with dr yunus new york 2008

    meanwhile, dad's view always was the 2010s would be the decade where the compound opportunities and threats of integrating localities into  globally networked world got played out with irreversible conseqeunces for all future genertions; I think this is a story everyone growing up today should be excited peer to peer network so they know the choice that is being made by what economics rules us; back at the start of the 2000s I tried to develop hi-trust networks as a volunteer editor of the EU's  ; it emerged that the top of the EU wasnt helping but some cities were trying to use knowledge and tech to collaborate humanly and create jobs; top of that capitals league was barcelona; I still have quite a  lot of stuff on the 3 day event that the worlds leading knowledge management gurus conveged on barcelona to study irs supoerb examples of world citizenry

    chris macrae - what do we peoples need world's favourite global viewspaper to understand next about community generated solutions to pressing needs out of and in europe; next debrief at radical britain newsdesk of The Economist Boardroom 16 Nov 2010

    10:44 am edt 

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    .Grameen.BANK -overview june 2009
    Grameencredit includes loans for income generation, savings and share in bank, life insurance, membership of village centre knowledge hubs -ref 1

    Grameen Trust - international replications (400+) & microcredit industry dialogues & Newsletter /advisory

    Grameen America bank - 2 branches queens NY, Omaha NE

    *GrameenCreditAgricole -wholeplanet; Carlos Slim Mexico
    .HEALTH & SAFETY -new 1
    Healthy Housing Loan
    Kalyam - illness detection insurance
    Grameen Health: 1
    The Green Children eyecare

    *Glasgow Caledonian - Nursing School
    *Grameen BASF-
    Malaria Nets
    *Grameen Intel/Pfeizer/Mayo Clinic/German Saudi Hospitals
    Seeds for veggie- nutrition to end night blindness
    Agriculture & Fisheries
    Grameen Shakti- Energy
    *Grameen Veolia - water
    *Grameen Danone- kid's yogurt & hi-nutrition 1 2 *Grameen BASF - nutrional diet
    University student loans
    Secondary schol scholarships
    Vocatinoal Training Centres
    Employment agency
    Grameen Telephone ladies Loans
    Grameen Solutions - Mobile partnerships
    Grameen Knitwear & Check - wave clothing market channel

    16.0 Housing For the Poor
      Grameen Bank introduced housing loan in 1984. It became a very attractive programme for the borrowers. This programme was awarded Aga Khan International Award for Architecture in 1989. Maximum amount given for housing loan is Tk 15,000 (US $ 218) to be repaid over a period of 5 years in weekly instalments. Interest rate is 8 per cent. 673,573 houses have been constructed with the housing loans averaging Tk 13,097 (US $ 190). A total amount of Tk 8.82 billion (US $ 208.48 million) has been disbursed for housing loans. During the past 12 months (from July'08 to June09) 16,678 houses have been built with housing loans amounting to Tk 193.24 million (US $2.80 million).
    The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2009 reports that by December 31, 2007, 3,552 MFIs reported of reaching 154,825,825 clients with a current loan. Of these borrowers, 106,584,679 were among the poorest when they started with the microcredit program. This achievement is the fulfillment of a goal set a decade ago. Approximately 90.6%of the poorest clients reported are in Asia, a continent that is home to approximately 63.5% of the world's people
    living on less than US$ 1 a day

    Upcoming Joint Ventures
    The Yunus Centre is currently in the incubation period to create joint ventures with the following companies:

    • Felissimo, Japan
    • Otto, Germany
    • Shaklee, USA

    The Yunus Centre is also in the process of setting up Social Business Funds with the following organizations:

    • Islamic Development Bank
    • Monaco Fund
    • Credit Agricole Fund
    6:33 pm edt 

    Saturday, July 18, 2009


    decided that temporarily a blog might be the best way to make a directory to grameen (and then brac and jamii bora) transoparent - say if you would like to iccasionally edit it

    mostofa- are there any editings to the text below in terms of who have I left out at a primary level inside grameen?


    Back in 1976, 4 people founded a project which became constituted by Bangladesh law as Grameen rural bank for the poor in 1983 to be owned by the poorest. The founding four are at Grameen Today

  • Muhammad Yunus
  • Professor Latifee- responsible for Grameen Trust: international replications of microcredit
  • Dipal Barua -number 2 in Grameen Bank Bangladesh and entrepreneurial leader of the hugely signifcant Grameen Shakti (Energy)
  • Mrs Nurjahan Begum, responsible for staff, 16 decisions culture and training, and entrepreneur of vocational education -Shikkha, and sooon Grameen Employment Agency
  • Kazi Islam is the only person at a top entrepreneurial position to have come from outside - he leads the hugely influential mobile projects for the poor division - Grameen Solutions (This is different from Grameen Phone -Bangladesh's largest company - which is mainly an outside venture)
  • Lamiya Morshed is coordinator of Yunus Centre and so in charge of how Dr Yunus' diary worldwide fits together
    There are many other significant rural businesses that developed between 1983 and 2006 including housing, fisheries and agriculture, knitwear, telephone ladies, and Grameen Kalyan. Om winning the Nobel Prize in 2006, Dr Yunus challenged worldwide CEOs to invent a more economic global marketing than advertising by innovating the most responsible partnerships their highly resourced organisations could connect with a grassroots provider of life critical services. This has resulted in a CEO benchmarking club that is growing by 10-20 members a year - whilst exploring all vital services, grameen's ability to connect healthcare together is the first newly rising area
  • Mr Sultan leads Grameen Health and also ensures that many of the new social business partnerships sustain at least 10 times more economic systems than has ever been developed before. In the case of Grameen Veolia, it appears that clean drinking water is now being offered at 80 times lower cost than has previously been commercially been sustained. Yes We Can confidently look forward to new social business records being set as the free market of ending poverty is connected around the world.

    --- On Mon, 13/7/09, Sam Daley-Harris <> wrote:

  • From: Sam Daley-Harris <>
    Subject: Draft Catalogue
    To: "christopher macrae" <>
    Date: Monday, 13 July, 2009, 3:44 PM

    Yunus Networks

    1. Microcredit Summit
    2. Networks linked to Universities

                a.       (e.g. creative lab Berlin/Glasgow)

    b.      Yunus center in Dhaka+AIT Bangkok, 3 Japanese universities research house for greatest proposals he comes up with

    1. Grameen America (also Green Children and
    2. Grameen Foundation based in DC
    3. Grameen Trust (replications in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kosovo, Bahrain, etc.)
    4. Grameen Foundation in Spain, Australia, etc.
    5. Yunus Forum and Youth Ambassador (When Yunus speaks to universities he says get social businesses going, we will appraise them, and possibly come in with social business funds from Monaco and Credit Agricole)
    6. Grameen Businesses (Shakti, Solutions, Health Care, GrameenPhone, Grameen Bank, Employment Agency)
    6:14 pm edt 

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Dear YunusCentre - Youth Amabassador5000 & MicroSummit Compass Health

    I need to update possibilities with health-related decision-makers that sofia and I met as world citizen guide editors including the world’s most famous teenager in cancer research, the former head of the royal academy of medicine,  Australia’s most concerned professor of health, and a fulbright scholar and childrens hospital national institute of health professor I met at Dr Yunus GWU talk. Please could you help me edit this healthcare future capitalism scorecard so that it is uptodate


    Updated listing of Grameen Future Capitalism Partnerships- microsummit compass health


    Global Partner & HQ Country

    Celebrating Collaboration City

    Project status: signed, testing, launched, launched and number of replication

    What it compounds 10 times more economically

    BASF 1, Germany



    produce and sell long lasting treated mosquito nets to combat mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue in Bangladesh

    BASF 2, Germany



    multiple micronutrient which address deficiencies in the diet especially among children and pregnant/lactating mothers.

    Danone, France



    Fortified yogurt addressing poorest children’s  dietary deficiencies

    GE Healthcare, UK/USA



    Support with ECG monitors, X-ray and ultrasound machines

    Glasgow Caledonian, Scotland



    Training of nurses

    Intel, USA




    Mayo Clinic, USA

    Rochester, Minn



    Pfizer, USA




    Saudi-German Hospitals, Saudi Arabia



    Hospital construction and integrated operational partnerships

    The Green Children Pop Group, USA


    Launched with 2 replications

    Elimination of unnecessary blindness through 10 times more economical eyecare hospital franchises

    Veolia, France



    Arsenic-free drinking water served through sustainable business model at up to 80 times lower cost than previously available from commercially designed system  connects software development and user partnerships with, Worldhealth Care Congress, Healthways, Physicians Academy ...

    Are there any more that have been announced? – I believe Mr Sultan (1,2) mentioned the following as emerging: Harvard Medical, Emory, John Hopkins, Bayer, Shaklee .

    Microeconomics & World Citizen Virtual Tour Health July 09 - with thanks to YunusCentre
    Search Keyword health  
    Building a Secure Future in Bangladesh
    (News & Media/In the Media)
    ... travel for health care and education so the boats bring it to them." We pulled alongside a school boat and the noise of the engine was replaced by children chanting responses to a teacher. The 30 children ...
    Framework for a Better Future: The Promise of Social Business
    (News & Media/In the Media)
    ... his ideas for creating social businesses with the potential to solve the problems of poverty, health and the environment. 'We have no option but to accept social business.' Banking on trust Professor ...
    Munich Speech
    (News & Media/Speeches )
    ... insufficient health care and lack of education. These are topics that concern us all, and I am very much looking forward to what Professor Yunus has to say in the next thirty minutes. We are very happy ...
    Professor Yunus’s Wish List
    (About Dr.Yunus/About Professor Yunus)
    ...  will be enough to get him connected by voice or text. Vaccines will be available for all communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, etc.). Every baby will be born in perfect health.  No infant ...
    Grameen Bank at a Glance
    ... illegal activities. Among the beggars there are disabled, blind, and retarded people, as well as old people with ill health. Grameen Bank has taken up a special programme, called Struggling Members Programme, ...
    Grameen Veolia Water Ltd.
    (Social Business/Social Business)
    ... Water Ltd. It is jointly owned at parity by Grameen Healthcare Services (a Grameen subsidiary for health and hygiene) and Veolia Water AMI (Veolia Water’s subsidiary for Africa, the Middle East and the ...
    Grameen Intel
    (Social Business/Social Business)
    ... solution with the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).  This new company will look at how healthcare,  commerce, education and economic activity be improved in rural Bangladesh with  the ...
    Grameen Healthcare Trust (GHT)
    Grameen Healthcare Trust (GHT) is a not for profit organization created by the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, established under Trust Act of Bangladesh. GHT ...
    Seven Principles of Social Business
    (Social Business/Social Business)
        Business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and ...
    Grameen Healthcare
    (Social Business/Social Business)
    Extending the Success of the Principles of Microcredit to Health Care Delivery Mission and Overview The Grameen Bank and other microcredit programs have proven that bottoms-up business models can ...
    Social Business
    (Social Business/Social Business)
    ... achieve the social objective, such as, healthcare for the poor, housing for the poor, financial services for the poor, nutrition for malnourished children, providing safe drinking water, introducing renewable ...
    International Women's Health Coalition Award: 2008
    (About Dr.Yunus/Awards of Professor Yunus )
    New York Awarded "IWHC" Award by the International Women's Health Coalition, February 2008. ...
    Money well lent
    (News & Media/Interview)
    ... and risk-taking of business with the social objectives of charity in order to improve the health of poor Bangladeshis. Grameen Danone (featured in Society Guardian, 18 February) provides malnourished children ...
    British Council Talking Without Borders Lecture
    (News & Media/Speeches )
    ... nets at very little cost, so that every household can afford to protect itself from malaria. 4.Healthcare Programme You can explain this social business idea in any sector, including environment and healthcare. ...
    Social Business Entrepreneurs Are the Solution
    ... to address social problems. To the contrary, market is recognised as an institution significantly contributing to creating social problems (environmental hazards, inequality, health, unemployment, ghettoes, ...
    Creating a World Without Poverty
    ... new way to use the creative vibrancy of business to tackle social problems from poverty and pollution to inadequate health care and lack of education. This book describes how Yunus––in partnership with ...
    What People Say About Dr. Yunus :: Bill Clinton
    (Announcement /Congratulations from Worldwide)
    ... he helped to stimulate and encourage through fiscal restraint and good public policies, his commitment to education, to health care; let me just mention the SCHIP program, which was a real dream of his, ...
    Ten Indicators to Assess Poverty level
    (News & Media/Books & Articles)
    ... family goes hungry any time of the year. Family can take care of the health. If any member of the family falls ill, family can afford to take all necessary steps to seek adequate healthcare  ...
    A New Book by Muhammad Yunus
    (News & Media/In the Media)
    ... health care and lack of education. This book describes how Yunus––in partnership with some of the world’s most visionary business leaders––has launched the world’s first purposely designed social businesses. ...
    Face To Face: Muhammad Yunus talks to Liam Black
    (News & Media/In the Media)
    ... In Europe and America, is there a role for social business? MY If I am poor and I lived here, then wouldn't a social business help me? In America, what about health insurance, which is a good sector to 

    6:44 am edt 

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Erich - back from Bangladesh hosting all week birthday dialogue celebrating Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus & nation's contributions to sustainability economics. Tag : Yes We Can enjoy 10 times more economic when micro up replaces top down. By any valuation maths in 33 years of working on brand architectures, BRAC & Grameen are compounding best for humanity innovation in Obama's 4 priority markets : banking, healthcare, energy and education. Moreover,  last 18 months has built over 20 CEO-level global brand partnerships in sustainability eg Intel, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, Danone, BASF, Veolia. Soon, this benchmarking club's critical mass overturn CSR's convention of not affording to be first to stop externalising risk. Topping it all Grameen & Indian partner aim to digitalise money on mobiles  Bangladesh is epicentre of biggest marketing revolution ever  and Grameen’s Berlin partners will host major celebration of this day before 20th fall of wall. Can I meet you to discuss how to party this good news with brand gurus uSA?
    7:53 pm edt 

    Hi Zasheem

    Trust Grameen Creative Lab Glasgow and Social Businesss catalogung Epicentre, and Adam Smith whole truth maps reborn,  are going well .Posting today dad's copy of sunshades on october - his 1960s book on how big power within every elder generation pays academics to cock up economics the next generation's youth and poorer needs-  looks as if dr yunus didnt read the copy I gave him on British Council and lord kinnock day; I will also send our dialogue report which gave lots of entries in to discussing the war between macroeconomics and microeconomics, the yes we can challenge to prevent going back to wall st; 2009 the year of humanity's greatest sustaianbility crisis or opportunity

    belatedly, just being a simple maths guy,  I understood why the royal automobile club launch in feb 08 turned out not to be a great open space for micro economics to flourish; I hadnt previously known how far The Economist had slipped since the days my father mentored folk to question every systemic thing indluding then youngsters - rupert pennant rea - now chairman of the Economist and former deputy head of bank of engalnd; Baroness Hogg chairwoman of 3i; marjorie scardino chairman of pearson including financial tuimes; Viscount Matt Ridley - science editor at The Economist; Andrew Neil BBC and scottish broadcaster

    but in this greatest economics crisis year of all time, I do start to wonder what sort of inquiry space one needs to create to get the fully skinny on economics grounded in practicve demonstartions from dr yunus

    chris macrae

    one of my dad's favourite stories involves british council's lord knnock

    -After 50 years of reporting on parliament, let me end with my favourite story which shows it just as an elephant's joke. The story is denied by the two self-credulous politicians concerned, but confirmed by the Americans who observed it. One day in the mid-80s, a party of American tourists was as usual being shown reverently around the palace of Westminster. The Lord Chancellor of England appeared in full gig on a staircase above them, and he needed to talk, on some matter of altering a timetable, to the Right Hon gent's successor as Labour leader who was disappearing down a corridor the other way. so Lord Chancellor Hailsham, in full-bottomed wig and black and gold robe, called to the other by his Christian name. Over the heads of the American tourists, he bellowed "Neil".

    Instantly, and without hesitation, all the American tourists in the middle fell fully to their knees. A similar obsequiousness is not required to all the forecasts I have shouted at you this evening. A small genuflection will suffice to the simple rule by which your generation could octuple Britain's real national income during the 40 years of marvellously increasing computer technology which will be your working lives. That rule, sir, is never, never, allow politicians to pinch and spend more than a quarter of GDP. Everything will be so easy for the poorest of your contemporaries if only you understand that."

    Growth depends on never letting politicians spend more than one quarter of GDP

    Oxford Union Debate of 30 May 1996

    9:37 am edt 

    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    chris macrae dc 301 881 1655 (fans webs) (fans webs) (fans webs)


    Core Social Businesses originated for members/owners of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

    1.1 Grameenmicrocredit –a collateral-free and peer to peer microentrepreneurial system of loans and savings and village centre hubs and life insurance for the rural poorest where the first 100 Taka saved (just over a dollar) makes the member an owner of the bank which by Bangladesh law since time of constitution in 1983 is primarily owned by members with about a sixth owned by government. Established as one of a kind legal identity for poorest owned banking in 1983 from social action project begun in 1976 by 4 co-founders – Professors Yunus and Latifee, 1976 Youth Ambassadors Mrs Begum (today’s head of training and personal development and education social businesses Grameen Shikkha ) and Dipal Barua (today’s co-managing director of Granmeen Bank and head of Grameen Energy/Shakti (1996) -futher references leaflet grameen at a glance; leaflet by nobel prize judge on his july 08 speech to bangladesh youth see also 12 year old reading club search for yunuschoolusa; bangladesh legal constitution bookmark


    1.2 Housing franchise & loan (the grameen house for the poorest, awarded mid 1980s the aga khan architecture prize, is minimum structure with monsoon proof roof , cyclone proof pillars, pit latrine – the whole is put in ownership of female members so that wife and children cannot be evicted if husband divorces)

    1.3 Student loans for university (ie graduation beyond secondary schooling) -this compounds the 15 year long expoential flow promised by 16 decsions of putting all village children through primary and beyond so that each leaves the system at best time for her or his microentrepreneurial freddom to produce and market

    1.4 Loans to become a mobile telephone lady and interconnect nearly 150000 hubs (known as grameen centres –a local community and collaboration space for every group of 60 members) –search also for Grameen Telecom (since 1995) and Grameenphone (since 1996) –also search “Grameen Cybernet” 1996 , “Grameen Communications 1997 ; these loans were the first time entrepreneurs started ending digital divides in a worldwide collaborative way; in other words just as banking for the por stated in 1976 or 1983, inyernetworking for the poor started in 1996; today bangladesh with such as  is a world leader in using mobile for the poor picking off partrnerships with india and china; its as yet unclear in the history of the sustainability of the world whether 1976 or 1996 was the most magic date especially with microgreen sustainability exponentials also beginning 1996 round grameen epicentres for goodwill multiplication and 1996 also being the year in chich the hard work for getting over 2000 yes we can peopleto connevct the greatest networking process ever was connected -formally announced washington dc 1997; also 1996 was when grameen started taking healthcare insurance to a new level at $2 per family per year as it started to develop a rural national health insurance collaboration map - see grameen kalyan below

    2 Other social businesses originated for members of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

    2.1 Secondary school scholarships about 70% geared to girl power

    2.2 Grameen Check – the marketing of products nationally and internationally of garments manufactured by members who weave clothing as a villagers cottage-based industry –further keyphhtrase searches Grameen Check, Grameen Uddog (1994) & Grameen Shamogree (1996), Grameen Knitwear (1997)

    Other Social Businesses originated by Grameen for Bangladesh

    2.3 Vegetable seeds – for villagers to plant and end childrens night blindness and other vitamin deficiencies

    2.4 Grameen fisheries and livestock –keyphrase search Grameen Motsho O Pashusampad 1994, also grameen krishi 1991 

    2.5 Solar electricity – Grameen Shakti currently installs more solar units than the whole of the USA so that electricity is brought to villages for first time and in a carbon-zero way; in 2009 it has helped form a Bangladehsi consortium that willalso manafactrure solar panels in Bangladesh .


    Biogas ovens


    2.6 Grameen Kalyan 1996 - Wellbeing insurance –

    2.7 Vocational Training

    *Employment Services


    3 Social Businesses originated by Grameen and International Partner Premiering in Bangladesh (and Indian subcontinent)

    3.1 Grameen Danone – hi-nutritional affordable food brand for village children

    3.2 Grameen Eyecare hospital – replication of the Indian social business franchise aravind –end unnecessary blindness – social business loan funding was begun by the social business pop group – (duo of mila sudne and to bevan mentored etc by Grameen America ) 

    3.3 Grameen Veolia – drinking water by filtering out arsenic contamination

    Social Businesses involving Grameen outside Bangladesh

    *Gramen Intel (health and digital knowlgow)

    *Gramen GE (health and digital diagnostics)

    *Grameen Pfeizer

    *Grameen Mayo Clinic

    *Grameen BASF (malaria nets and childrens nutritional supplements)

    *Grameen German Saudi Arabian Hospitals – Teacher Training Hospitals Construction of Health City as training epicenter for rural practitioners to be

    *Grameen Glasgow Caledonian – Training nurses and grassroots paramedics in Bangladesh

    FOR HEALTH – BEGIN AT WWW.GRAMEENHEALTH.COM AND WWW.GRAMEENKALYAN.ORG  -read discussion leaflet circulated by dr yunus at 2009

    *Grameen – social business partnerships towards owning mobile money’s standard –

    FOR INTERNET & MOBILE TECHNOLGY FRO THE POOR START AT MUCH MORE AT WWW.GRAMEENSOLUTIONS.COM  (1999) which is the world’s premier r&d incubation for internet for the poor partnerships

    –also search Grameen IT Park (2001), Grameen Inforamtion Highway  (2001), Grameen Star Education (2002), Grameen Bitek (2002)


    4 Other social businesses originated internationally by Grameen and with local partners

    4.1 Grameen Trust (since 1989)– funding and replication of microcredit for the poorest around the world

    *Grameen Credit Agricole to be a social business fund promoting worldwide student and other competitions among social business designers with a likely priority emphasis on Africa . Part of an emerging family of European funds which include Monaco ’s *Prince Albert Fund for Environmental Sustainability projects and prize competition networks such as Ashden Awards microenergy prize system and alumni. Back in Bangladesh Grameen bank has always seen its mission as helping to plant a “giant seedbed for entrepreneurship” –early keyphrases “Grameen Fund (1994) and Grameen Byabosa Bikash” 2001 and “Grameen Capital Management” (1998)

    4.2 Grameen Carlos Slim – Grameenmicrocredit system for Mexico –Latin American alumnin of microcvredit need to check models ownership by the poorest very carefully. Major US NGOs have introiduced unsustrainable models. Alumni of the 4 microcreditsummits Bali, Indonesia 08, Columbia 09, Nairobi, Kenya 10, Madrid Spain 11 are invited to develop hi-trust networks around this issue – the Bangladeshi originated youth ambassador5000 being one; the southern hemisphere accord between queen sofia, ingrid munro of Kenyan Jamii Bora and Sam Daley Harris of being another; *the 93 congressmen proposal to the world bank being another.

    4.3 Grameen -and other bottom-up microcredits -  wors in association with to connect microcredit and fair trade organic markets - projects under way in about 12 countries - major partner John Mackey (new book conscious capitalism) who aims with wholefoods to do to the future of foods supermarketing what Bangladeshi microcredit aims to do to future of financial services for and by people

    4.4 Grameen with HEC paris - the first SMBA

    legend used in above: * means agreemenet signed - project developing


    The Yunus Centre is currently in the incubation period to create joint ventures with the following companies:

    • Felissimo, Japan
    • Otto, Germany
    • Shaklee, USA

    The Yunus Centre is also in the process of setting up Social Business Funds with the following organizations:

    • Islamic Development Bank
    • Monaco Fund


    Other Rumors of what's posible involve adidas in next world cup, volkvagen, and allianz

    Listing started by YunusForum  Transatlantic Supporters Mostofa Zaman (Bangladeshi Villager and London Uni undergraduate), Sofia Bustamante in London, Alexis Sumsion New York (NYU undergraduate), Chris Macrae Washington DC – any errors are solely Chris Macrae’s. It is offered as an open source and co-edited property right of forum and youth ambassador supporters of Dr Yunus, and is part of a similar catalogue on the Bangladesh microeconomics collaboration system of sustainability investment (the only known published system whose future exponentials governance is mathematically true for mapping human sustainability)

    The Future’s Best World Stages for next 5 years

    *Yunusmovie – billion person blockbuster aimed at helping creative labs (#1 Germany #2 Glasgow …) and other socoal business replication hubs prooftest over 30000 replicable social busieness in line with The Economist’s 1984 forecast of what human sustainability by and for the networking generation would openly and collaboratively require.

    *The 100 edgiest & hi-trust national microcredits –emerging from 50 conntry roadshow led by sam Daley Harris Microcredisummit and Ingrid Munro, Jamii Bora – Kenya and Africa’s benchmark for what youth and women and African microenetrepreneurs can do in a mobile age when designing systems round social business sustainability investment models and grameenmicrocredit as community and end poverty world’s safest and most truly entrepreneurial banking system  (unless you have other nominations which are prepared to be analsyed side by side by 5000 youth ambassadors)

    5:06 am edt 

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    what a celebration
    10 times more economic social business 

    learning reports!
    action replication

    bottom up microeconomics systems
    map future back to build world stages cheaply
    33 years of tracking how econonics

    youth ambassador 5000 needed year 09/10 nore than ever
    lesson of wall street meltdown 10 times more economic banking is now possible

    11:36 am edt 

    FC- Future Capitalism is defined by Dr Yunus as a partnership between one of the world's most resourced organisations and a grassroots network serving life critical needs of which BRAC and Grameen in Bangladesh are world leaders from perspectives of microeconomics and sustainability investment's exponential futures. Such a partnership is governed by social business metrics and valuation multipliers ensuring that a postive cashflow is reinvested in example of the greatest sustainability that the global sector can offer..How's your Exponentials IQ? For most people its the lowest of their IQs. This explains addictions to many products so-designed to as well as compound impoversishment of customers and societies.

    The world's first Future Capitalism partnership is recognised as Grameen Danone. In the first 18 months of active worldlwide searches about 25 Future Capitalism partnerships appear to have been signed up by Dr Yunus. Soon the mass of CEOs involved in this benchmarking club will reach critical mass with the conseqeunce that the reputation of big corporate brands that are slow to join in will be downgraded. In effect, Future Capitalism reaches a higher order of goodwill multiplication than Corporate Social Responsibility could ever do. FC's Reality Marketing with the greatest responsibility your sector can lead is far wiser use of marketing budgets that ads image-making.

    As Future Capitalism partnerships mark their card of which trillion dollar global markets feature at least one FC benchmark- laggard sectors should be questioned by the public & youth networks in particular.
    8:48 am edt 

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Some Notes on Top map by (founded 2008)

    The prior history of microcredit networks is well named by Grameen Trust as Grameen Global Network is well told at

    Activities of the Network:

    1. Formalize the partnership relationships that already exist between GT, Grameen Bank, Grameen Bank replication projects, Grameen national and regional networks and Grameen's supporters worldwide.

    2. Establish and strengthen existing supportive connections with national, regional and international organizations.

    3. Generate awareness about Grameen and its philosophy and methodology.

    4. Facilitate training and the provision of technical assistance and advice to and among members of the network, especially in capacity building

    5. Build training capacity of network members through creation of training centers/facilities to be run by partners in collaboration with GT

    6. Develop a common approach and plan of action for the network to achieve the Summit's goals and share information, guidance, training, technical and funding assistance

    7. Share information on CGAP, involve members in the dialogue for the implementation of CGAP guidelines. Facilitate the process of access to CGAP funds/services by members

    8. Identify and promote potential replicators and thus replication projects through members' local networks

    9. Help network members improve existing practices to meet CGAP/international standards of best practice e.g. reporting/reporting terms, accounting, financial analysis, management practices, means of attainment of financial/institutional viability

    10. Create a dialogue between GGN members on existing constraints for replications in each country covered by the network relating to supportive national policy and regulatory framework, the role of private sector, bilateral and multilateral donors, and thus enable Grameen and the Grameen Global Network to use their position to advocate favorable changes, wherever possible

    11. Play an advocacy role in mobilizing resources from local and international donors and the private sector for Grameen replication projects.

    12. To provide a forum for and coordinate with Grameen supporters (Support Groups, advocates, contributors to the People's Fund etc) worldwide

    13. Conduct research relevant to GGN's mission and objectives and carry out case studies on microcredit programs and their clientele.

    14. Disseminate information on the microcredit movement, in general, and Grameen and the GGN's activities, in particular, through newsletters, the electronic and print media

    15. Share experience through periodic meetings, seminars, dialogues, conferences, staff exchange and others

    16. Set up local and regional contacts to facilitate network's activities e.g. through provision of logistical support whenever necessary e.g to hold workshops and/or exposure dialogues.

    17. Undertake any activity to further the network's aims

    SMBA - The first SMBA (social MBA) was announced in Paris by HEC business school during second quarter of 2008 - please tell us if you know of any other SMBA's; 2nd Q 09- st johns uni in new york starts a course in social business

    The social business system as defined by yunus involves unique goverance around compounding piurpose which is achieved both by having positive cash-flow and exclding shareholders (from dividends taking out what a locality anbd its poorest developed. Bangfkladesh pioneereed social business system modelling from the mid 1970s. It now offers the only mathematically complete form of sustainability investment known to be published -Creating a world without poverty, social business, future capitalism. If you are a freader, consider joining our 1000 FC bookclub - a joint volunteer service with Yforum
    9:37 pm edt 

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    How Can Futuire Capitalism Help

    Lasting Good News
    24 June 29 - Bangladesh- The French Bangladeshi members of Fuiture Capitalism leadership club officially opened 80 times more economical drinking water than had ever been previously offered by free markets. As Dr Yunus opened proceedings the rains came; and went leaving Grameen Veolia to supply water to villagers

    correspondents who will be reporting this good news:
    Paul Rose - Cumbria
    Estelle, Micious, & Yunus Movie Team, Paris

    filed chris macrae, yes we can bureau DC & Dhaka 301 881 1655
    10:45 pm edt 

    2010.09.01 | 2009.07.01 | 2009.06.01

    Link to web log's RSS file

    .Can you survey 3 friends on the creativity of 10 times more economic?

    This is a survey that needs celebrating wherever people socialy network but most urgently by European friends of Grameen and Bangladesh as that country's export of creative labs blossoms across European cities. The sustainability citizens duty to network around questions was launched nearly 3 years ago with Yunus Forum network movement whose first European agents of this dialogue across cities were Mostofa Zaman and Sofia Bustamante. The next debrief of connecting this to the brilliant innovations in economics that Bangladesh has compounded over a third of a century focuses on youth ambassadors - june 29 Dhaka 

    Proof of the Yogurt: This extract from Yunus recent talk at wharton shows and hot news in Shanghai: factor 1 of social business being 10 times more economical is no need to spend 5 times more money on advertising your product than making it. With most of US tv media being propped up by 15 minutes of ads per hour, that nation isnt going to be where creativity labs start 

     SKIP THE RAZZLE DAZZLE: BRAND VALUE: Once you are in social business, lots of costs go down because you don't need to incur them. For example, you don't do any elaborate or fancy marketing because people know what you are doing and they are interested in it. So you don't have to go on television and be in the newspaper. We are here.

    "Life is meaningless without eating Shakti Doi?" We don't say that. We explain what it is as the people come, and gradually this spreads. And that's it.

    In our design, we made sure that extra costs are cut off. For example, we made it a very small plant so that you don't produce too much.

    Around our own plant, there are enough consumers to buy (the product so that we don't have) to move it long distances.


    ...So development of the seed is the most important thing in social business.

    We have already been approached by India. We have been approached by China. They would like to have Grameen Danone in (these countries) because they have the same problem.
    Our idea is to have many, many, many small plants all around the country so that you reach out to everybody. We want to have about 50 plants to cover all the children in Bangladesh. Each one is self-contained. Each one makes money.



    .Revisiting why brand seeding was marketing's best kept secret back in 1992.

    Seeding approach to brand communications

    Contributor - Chris Macrae

    This conference presentation was first developed in the early 1990s by Chris Mole and Chris Macrae. It subsequently became one of the skeleton outlines used to form the BBC2 television programme : The Ice Cream Wars.

    We have left this classic presentation in its 1992 form.

    1. What is brand seeding?

    Process: refraining from mass marketing expense (until the essence of a great brand image has been planted)

    Background : back in 1992, I was the first and last brand consultant coopers & lybrand management consultancy hired. Even in the context of commercial brands, seeding was the most economical way to launch new brands. With hindisght I was naiive in not anticipating how the advertising industry would destroy any forum attempting free speech on this issue, but I still dont understand why economists wouldn't come out on the side of seeding. I had a few years earl;ier briefed the joiurnalist who did The Economist's survey "THe Year of the Brand". That was the last time The Economist actually asked about the economy of what sort of marketing is systemised even though its founders origin in 1843 was exactly that duty. Suggestion- we need to launch The MicroEconomist in Bangladesh and European Creative Labs need to help viralise celebrating subscription to 10 times more economical. 10 Times more economical marketing is Bangladesh's unique gift to the world that has compounded sice the nation's birth in the early 1970's. I dare suggest that the sustainability of every future child depends on getting the profession of economics back to mapping 10 times more economical instead of 10 times less.

    Grameen CL Germany has come up with a wonderful idea. Let's make a future diary of all of Europe's greatest anniversaries in histiory, and the day before each celebrate the best news for the world of 10 times more economical. Example : do this the day before the 20th anniversary of the wall's fall. Better yet if Nov 09 could be the fall of wall street too! Old Wall Street's normalcy is as broke now as dad and my 1984 forecast's that communism was a broke system. Did we really need to spend 25 years proving that:

    extreme capitalism and extreme communism are one and the same system failure spun entirely for a few people at the top and the speculators that hire professions to rule over numbers of the big get bigger

    the 21st century need to grow up with a celebration of the end of the age of overgovernment

    UK MP Expenses debate May 2009: Whichever way are faced with a party whose members are not worthy of our trust. None of them is worth my vote. It's time we became far less governed by anyone - we don't need the politicians to run our services when we could administer them so much better ourselves. This is the beginning of the end of overgovernment and a good thing too. (Please see Norman Macrae's The 2024 Report

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